The Mulberry Bush

“Hello. This is Nicola Paddock and I’m calling from Manfield Engineering.”

“Very well thank you, and yourself?”

“Good. Yes, it’s been quite a long time.”

“I’m just phoning to check the progress of one of our orders.”

“Two months ago; we placed it on 21st July.”

“Yes, I’d expected to receive it by now.”

“Ah, our order number is 26549. That’s Manfield Instrumentation. ”


“Yes it was a special. You were going to make it for us, said it might take six to eight weeks.”

“Oh, right, you’ll check. Thanks. No, I’ll hold on.”


“It should be ready for despatch tomorrow?”

“Good. Thanks.”

“I’ve just had an idea, we did move premises recently and you might have the old address.”

“Yes, we’ve been using up old order forms. We might not have written in the new address. Yes, bit of a money saving binge at the moment.”

“Right then. Our new address is: 15 Victory industrial estate, Manfield, postcode Mama Alpha 34, 6 Papa Oscar.”

“Oh, you can’t accept a change of address over the phone. No, that’s OK, we’ve got exactly that policy too, can’t have any Tom, Dick or Harry phoning up to change addresses can you?”

“So if I drop you a note on company letterhead with the new address on it then that’ll be OK? No, that’s fine, no trouble.”

“So do I post it for your attention to 57-59 Long Road, Low Wiccombe?”


“So you’ve changed address too? That’s a co-incidence.”

“Bigger premises then?”

“So if you just drop me a note on your company letterhead with your new address on it…”

By Penny Dreadful


rhubarbwhine said...

I love it!

silfert said...

"And we should have the record updated in six to eight weeks. Shall I hold your order until then?"

AUGH! *crash* :)

Thistle said...

Cute and so true!

Viola said...

Very nice.