Mini Sagas

The Mini Saga is a short story form, a very short story form. The rules are that it must be exactly 50 words long and must, like a true story, have beginning, middle and end. The title may be 15 words long.

They are a good exercise in making all those recalcitrant words pull their weight.

Here is an example:

The Self-Build

Evicted at a tender age, he fulfilled his ambition to build his own house.

"I'll not use this modern wood framed rubbish" he retorted when his brothers visited mocking his perfectionism, his bricklaying, his tiled roof instead of thatch.

They were sorry when the wolf came huffing and puffing by.


silfert said...

Okay, you are definitely evil. And clever. Fifty words? Yeesh. Okay, where's my pen...?

Viola said...

I agree, very clever Ollie.

Nicely done.